T-9 Water Soluble Typhoon

Our small footprint Water Soluble Inline Cleaner is able to clean the toughest of components for it's size

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The T-9 is our small footprint Water-Soluble Inline Cleaner. While small the T-9 is capable of cleaning the toughest components and boards.
With a body around 9 feet, the T-9 will fit nearly anywhere on your facility and utilizes the Pumps, Blowers, and Nozzle configurations of the larger predecessors in the Typhoon fleet.
While the T-9 Typhoon is a small footprint cleaner, the T-9 provides unmatched cleaning power for a machine of its size. Even with it's size we've made maintaining this machine as easier as any of our Typhoons. With easy-to-access doors, easily accessible valves, and drop-in immersion heaters any maintenance can be done in a moments notice.

24" Usable Conveyor Belt

Our standard Conveyor Belt Width is 24", we know how important it is to clean a variety of products. Larger options are available upon request


Easy-to-Use Touchscreen

The T-9's Touchscreen was designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Your operators will have no trouble navigating your T-9 Typhoon. Warning's, Error's, and E-stops will all be available to see on your touchscreen. Operation has never been easier.

T-9 Touchscreen

High Pressure Pump

The T-9 while small, still utilizes all of the same pump configuration as the larger machines. This allows for the same cleaning quality & efficiency in a smaller footprint. Complemented by our combination sprazy nozzle configuration (see below).

High Pressure Pump

Drop-in Immersion Heaters

Our Drop-in Immersion Heaters eliminate several POF's created by traditional screw-in heaters. Designed with safety in mind: Corrosion Resistant, Chemistry-Resistant Stainless Steel Construction with Vapor Resistant & Flame Retardent Enclosure. cULus & CE Certified.
This Heater will not burn out due to scale or sludge buildup, keeping your facility, but most importantly your operators safe.

Drop-in Immersion Heaters

Combination Spray Bar/Nozzle Configuration

The Typhoon utilizes a combination of OIN(Optimum Impact Nozzle) and HPFN (High Pressure Flooding Nozzle) configuration. This method was researched HEAVILY by our engineers to ensure an efficient and effective cleaning configuration

Combination Spray Nozzle Configuration

Powerful Turbine Blowers

After effectively & efficiently cleaning your product, the Typhoon's powerful turbine blowers increases air volume which allows for thorough and quick drying of your product.

Powerful Turbine Blowers

Acoustical Foam

To effectively clean your product we utilize powerful motors and blowers. Do not worry your production floor won't even notice they're running, those sections utilize acoustical foam to keep decibal level far below the OSHA requirement

Acoustical Foam

Easy-access Maintenance Doors/Valves

While we know the operation of the Typhoon is important, so is the maintenance. Our Typhoons were designed with operators and owners in mind. Easy-access doors are located on the front of the Typhoon. From there you can perform any recurring maintenance in a matter of minutes with disassembling the entire machine.

Easy Access Doors Valves
Dimensions 10' 3" Long x 5.5' Wide x 6' Tall
Conveyor 24" Usable Stainless Steel Belt
Operator Interface Touch Screen Interface
Optional Manual Controlled Available
Pre-Wash Section 2 Upper / 2 Lower Spray Bars Supplied By 15 HP Wash Pump
Heated Wash Section 5 Upper / 5 Lower Spray Bars Supplied By 15 HP Wash Pump
Final Rinse Section Supplied by customer DI System with 2 upper and 2 lower spray bars
Dry Section 2 Upper and 1 Lower SST Airknives by 15 HP Blower
Power 480 volt, 3 Phase
Optional 220 Volt Available
Exhaust Requirements 10.5" ID Exhaust Vent
Data Logging Logging of data available via OPC server (Ethernet Connection)
Material Polypropylene Construction (Grey or White)
Alternative Material Available Upon Request