T-8 Chemistry Typhoon

The Innovative way to clean your RMA, No Clean, and Water-Soluble boards. This machine is the industry leader in cleaning PCB's using a chemical solution

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Aqua Klean Systems introduces the award winning Typhoon T-8 Chemistry Zero-Discharge Cleaner, the innovative way to remove No-Clean, RMA, and Water Soluble (OA) fluxes. The T-8 incorporates an adjustable chemical injection pump to assist in maintaining chemical wash concentration. The T-8 also incorporates a dynamic air blow-off design allowing a water free chemical isolation. The T-8’s 15 HP wash pump and Aqua Klean’s proprietary nozzle configurations allow PCBs to get the correct flooding and impingement needed to solubilize all flux residues.

Easy-to-Use Touchscreen

The T-8's Touchscreen was designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Your operators will have no trouble navigating your T-8 Typhoon. Warning's, Error's, and E-stops will all be available to see on your touchscreen. Operation has never been easier.

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Pneumatic Chemtroller

The T-8's water-driven Chemtroller allows you to set your chemistry proportions. It is powered by your incoming water supply and allows you to make hands-free adjustments to your chemical supply

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Exhaust Demister

The T-8 offers its own demister. The technology behind the demister condenses droplets containing both water and chemistry to reduce chemical loss through the facility exhaust.

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Dimensions 8' 5" Long x 5.5' Wide x 6' Tall
Conveyor 24" Usable Stainless Steel Belt
Operator Interface Touch Screen Interface
Optional Manual Controlled Available
Pre-Wash Section 1 Top / 1 Bottom Spray Bars Supplied By 15 HP Wash Pump
Wash Section 6 Top / 6 Bottom Spray Bars Supplied By 15 HP Wash Pump
Dry Chem Iso 2 upper and 2 lower SST Airknives supplied by 10 HP Blower
Chemical Pump Automatic chemical injection feeder
Power 480 volt, 3 Phase, 60 Amps
Optional 220 Volt Available
Exhaust Requirements 10.5" ID Exhaust Vent/td>
Data Logging Logging of data available via OPC server (Ethernet Connection)
Optional Aqua Klean Demister for Exhaust